Budapest Escort

The girls at Budapest Escort has Natural hair

Whether your hair is dark, blond or red, natural, vivid tones through the process of brightening will be highlighted. Spending time in the sun, is an easy way to brighten the hair in a natural way, but if you want to speed up this process, there are other natural ways to enhance the golden tones in your hair. At erotikus munka we have no time to go to sun only for hair brightening, so we use this tricks too;) Learn how you can apply this tricks for stylish look.
1. Pressure out the juice of two lemons!
Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juice with a Zirtuspresse or by hand and press it into a bowl. Remember to pour the juice through a sieve, so that the seeds do not clog your spray bottle. Try to avoid to use pure lemon juice. It contains preservatives which are not good for your hair
2. Give water in the bottle. Dilute the lemon juice, adding the same part water. If you have half a cup of lemon juice, for example, you are adding half a cup of water.
3. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can find new spray bottles in a drug store for sale, if you have no in your household.
If you are using an old spray bottle, make sure that them is carefully washed before you give into the lemon juice. Avoid the use of bottles, which have contained toxic chemicals. Shake the lemon juice mix well.
4. Spray your hair with a mix of the lemon juice. Focus on the areas that you want to brighten up, You can also use to all of the hair or only a few strands spray on. The more lemon juice you applying, your hair will be more lighter.
5. Sit in the sun and let react the lemon juice. Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes to dry in the sun. Once your hair dries, it will be brighter.
Make sure you protect your face and your body with sunscreen and clothing when you sit in direct sunlight.